Tuesday, July 23, 2013

White water canoeing; Welcome baby Prince of Cambridge

This is a sketch I drew with inks and named "white water" of a father and young daughter canoeing in a white water river [which is a very difficult task to do]. Because I use permanent inks [as well as other mediums] it often tries my patience to attempt a sketch with inks only. They are a difficult medium as are watercolors precisely because they are totally fluid. But I did and I post sketches often that are not quite what I had in mind; because it shows my progress as an artist. That particular day I had green permanent ink on my index finger and thumb from painting with green ink and brush/ pen. I have drawn with precision since high school, and learned to paint afterwards. I have painted for years and had [or have] some paintings in museums in state of Georgia. I am adding it here to see how it looks in larger digital form [which I often to] and to show it to world. I learned to canoe at the University of Georgia years ago when a student for a second go-round [different degree]. I had an ignorant canoer in the front position who stood straight up,overturned canoe, dumped us overboard in deep water. That was an experience of righting the canoe, getting back into it, with water beneath of about 40 feet. I don't canoe in white water rivers but some people do, as a challenge. This is an abstract sketch somewhat, meaning the trees on the distant shore barely resemble trees, and I had much trouble with the thumbnail size faces.I do not usually paint or draw in tiny spaces. So that was a challenge and I am not particularly happy with the results so it's a redo also. It's in a sketch book of mine on my portable drawing board. See for yourself:

Also, I have a better photo of the farmer sketch, after there were some upgrades in several tech and isp accounts in past few days.

And this is my photo of my painting I painted years ago of a farm that was described to me by me daughter Leigh when she was in Peace Corps for two years:

Also, I want to welcome to the world the one day old tiny Prince of Cambridge born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge of the UK. The birth of the third in line to the throne of 16 countries is history in the making;and I want to record it too. So, I added a photo of a flower I photographed on walkabout, as a customary thing to do for new mothers [ send flowers] as you see here:

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Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri; 12:11pm; 23-July-2013.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Farmer sketch first sketch

This is my sketch I drew and painted and named "Farmer". I also added this to another blog of mine, but then realized I had redone the sketch some and rephotographed it so it might not be identical. This is the first version of that sketch. I changed the beams some and the floor under cow some when I repainted it. I have another sketch almost done too, that I will add to another blog soon.

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