Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sketch & cartoon by Gloria Poole

This is a sketch I created/drew/painted and named "windswept" for a stormy sort of day, blowing earth all around, but coping; and keeping on, keeping on. Just for fun.

And I am adding a cartoon here that I drew and named NSA on it to signify nosiness. But maybe a better name would be "Pinocchio"? Also, just for fun.

I am adding the cartoon to this site instead of my cartooning site because some powers that be on the internet did not think the cartooning sites are mine.

My cartooning sites are:

Also, I have painted six more ethnic paintings to add to the ethic series I began in yr 2007 in another state. I photographed them and added to other blogs of mine. You can see those paintings on these blogs of mine:

I also have prolife blogs that I sometimes create art for and add it to make a point, but I Gloria Poole own the copyright for all art I create, and have never hired an artist's rep or authorized anyone to sign my name on anything. NEVER! I sign my name as Gloria on paintings but sometimes when distracted and drawing on paper I write my full name on sketches on paper. I am also known as gloria0817; gpoole817; Ms Gloria Poole; Poole, Gloria; Gloria Poole, RN; gloriapoole.RN; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; Gloria Poole; gloria.poole; gloria_poole; gloria-poole; gloria-poole, glorapoole1749 and other variations of my real born with name of Gloria Poole.

Cartooning is fun but it is not the main way that I paint as an artist. I paint with all mediums of oils, acrylics, watercolors, goauche, tempera, inks on all sorts of surfaces: canvases, paper, sketch books, bristol, and with brushes, pens, and draw with pencils, charcoals, inks, I am Gloria Poole--that is my real, born with name-- and I am the white, single, [divorced twice] heterosexual woman ,mother, grandmother, R.N., artist, blogger, prolifer, Christian, who was born in Georgia but currently lives in Missouri. I am very much alive and never at any time lived in Florida. So don't be fooled by malicious obituaries put to fool the public. I am alive and not dying any time soon, GOD willing. Also, I only have one residence and it is in Missouri and it is not shared. Also for the record, my second ex-husband who lives in Colorado never lived in this apt , never painted anything, never contributed a cent to any thing I have done since yr 2007; and tried to kill me several times. He is not authorized on any accountt of mine. It is necessary to write that again because of something that happened today. I own my equipment & my phones including the 2 cell phones I had in Colorado, belong to me and I brought them with me when I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009. I keep the ones I had from year 2007 because they are mine, because I photograph with them at times, because I uploaded much art I created with them, and because they were published on websites as mine; and because I put them as my contact on Court documents that are still relevant [in case Court officials needed to warn me of danger if exhusband in the area]. I also have telco phones and cell phones I bought in Missouri, and I use all of them in different ways. Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri. 26-Sept-2013.