Friday, March 14, 2014

Pensacola Bay sketch & Vintage Plane sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri

I, Gloria Poole, am adding two sketches I created [drew, painted, signed] in past few days. The first one I drew and painted this morning along with the sketch I put on my blog at a few minutes ago. I named the first sketch "Pensacola Bay fun" and drew it of a daddy playing with young son. If you viewers remember I drew a sketch of a mother and daughter before for this blog. The bay of Pensacola, Florida is a very calm place to sail a boat usually because only small waves come in to shore because it is separate from the main body of ocean water. The sand of Pensacola is some of the whitest anywhere, and Pensacola has a great pier that people fish from and sight-see from. I have cousins in Pensacola, and one of them is an artist in her own right. Also, these "people" are not real, but made up by me with my pencil and paint brush.

The second sketch is also reminder of Pensacola also because I named it "Flight Museum vintage plane with pretend person pilot" . Pensacola has a great Museum there because they train Top Gun pilots there. When my two daughters Jennifer and Leigh were young, I took them to that Museum and we climbed into the planes when possible. I still remember that as one of my best times . Also, when I was young my daddy who was a veteran would take us to the annual air shows at Turner AFB in Albany Georgia and we would see the fly-overs and air show, and planes on the ground that the U S Air Force would have there. I LOVED that, and still go to air shows from time t time. I took some great photos of the air show in Missouri and put them on one of my online albums before. This is not the best sketch I ever drew by any means. I had much trouble getting it to look even ok. I thought it would be easy to draw, but it wasn't. I don't know if the flooding memories made it difficult or what. [My daddy died in 2004 and I still miss him so much.]. I drew and redrew parts of it til it looked over-worked. But whatever, it's here for world to see. Also, I tried to make the so-called pilot's helmet authentic for the times by putting a close fitting leather cap which was as I had seen in photos in history books. It's not a perfect rendition of that either.

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Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri , which is my only residence; 14-March-2014 at 3:22pm.