Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rocky Top Dancer sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

I, Gloria Poole, of Missouri drew this painted it signed it photographed it on my portable drawing board and uploaded it to this blog of mine. Copyrighted. See notice below sketch.

This sketch is inspired by a song that is or was very popular in the state of Georgia and every body dances to it. The dance is sort of a stomp to the rhythmm of it, and it is about a real place named "Rocky Top, Tennessee". I also danced to it --a lot--and loved every minute of it. I painted this as sketch to be redhead because when I was young I had a red-headed aunt Lucy from Italy who wore flaming red nail polish, had hair this color and talked about hundred miles/minute in Italian. My daddy considered her to be a "foreigner" [which was true to a degree but since she married his brother in Savannah Georgia she became American]. He always said to my mama who was her friend, "why do you listen to that EYE-talian?" Because he considered her to be so exotic I was always fascinated by her. I couldn't understand a word she said, but she talked with her hands, managed to antagonize nearly every one in the community [except maybe me] and had gorgeous clothes and jewelry. And she and my uncle went dancing sneakily because my granddaddy [where they stayed when they were in my hometown/community in Georgia] didn't approve of dancing. The background of this sketch is of a place that does not exist as far as I know since I created it with pencils and paint brush just as I created the pretend dancer. Rocky Top the music with words is usually played at Southern festivals and Universities, and at some places to dance. I have this sketch on watercolor paper and it is 9 x 12 of acrylic and watercolor.

So, I thought maybe this was a fitting and proper tribute to her memory [because she died in the last year]. She was probably about the age of this sketch pretend woman [that does not resemble my aunt except for the hair] when I was a child. I named this sketch "Rocky Top dancer" because I loved the song and music and dance of Rocky Top, and because I was fascinated by my real aunt with flaming red hair, much personality and "sass" as my grandmother would have said, and because I have sketched red hair pretend people several times now. Another pretend redhead that I painted into oils for my ethnic series of oil paintings is named "Irish student" and is displayed on my mini exhibit blog of art I create at: In fact, I painted redheads several times and I put several of them on a blog all in one post. So google 'red art + Gloria Poole" and see if you find them.

Also, I completed the online version of the children's story about Lady Bugs that give picnics and their adventures today, and posted it to that blog of mine at:


Also, I have updated most of the blogs I post art I create too, in the past few days so see the links and the about me page to find those.

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Also, to repeat because it is frequently an issue since everybody tries to use my name [according to Google search there are 110 people named "Gloria Poole" in the U S.] I am a white, single again, Southern Baptist Christian, and the natural, biological mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh but no sons, and a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, and an artist in all mediums, and a poet, author,prolife blogger, photographer, citizen journo. Read the about me page on another blog of mine with my name at:

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