Thursday, August 28, 2014

The internet of things painting emotions by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

Copyright. Painting emotions sketches & oil painting by Gloria Poole. See notice.
. I, Gloria Poole, drew this quick sketch in pencil then painted with acrylic and name d it "the internet of things". I reason that when all household appliances become as aggravating as any computer is [because of constant surveillance, criminal hackers etc] this is how people will look. I, Gloria Poole, painted it blue to depict depression, and wild eyes to show confusion and anger when the refrigerator-car-oven-walls-heat-air-conditioning-TV-music all get hacked and or "upgraded" until they no longer work. And I painted it as an outline because people will feel like empty vessels when the robots take over. And I painted a broad smile on his face because as are all internet-addicts, he is happy with his internet "toys" and gadgets even if it depresses him how much time he wastes on them. Acrylics on 8 x 11 paper.
. This second photo is one I photographed of the oil painting I painted and named "Anxiety". The light green areas show where an "old man" feels anxiety: something wrong with his head, or mouth; or chest. Oil on canvas amd signed by me Gloria.
. This third one is a cartoon I created in 1995 in Atlanta, GA to show frustration, intense aggarvation, and named it "Aaaaaaaagh".

This fourth one is a cartoon I drew, created of "happy reindeer" to show joy, happiness, elation of a dancing grinning reindeer. It is part of the cartoon story I wrote and illustrated and posted to entitled the Adventures of Lady Bugs that give picnics.

Copyright notice: this blog and this account belong exclusively to me Gloria Poole, residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia and I own all copyright rights to it. This blog is covered by U S copyright law as intellectual property of photos I photographed of art I created and it may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me, nor be printed at remote, nor re-published, nor copied, nor photo-copied. I do NOT have a Facebook account nor a Pinterest in any name or way of writing it and never did. Don't be fooled by I D thieves and criminal-=hackers.

For the record: I, Gloria Poole, am a white, single-again twice-divorced Southern Baptist Christian woman and the natural mother of only two children who are grown daughters. I, Gloria Poole, am an artist in all mediums, a poet, author, cartoonist at times, illustrator, writer, blogger, republican, personhood amendment promoter, prolife activist, U S citizen by birth in state of Georgia, University of Georgia alumna, citizen journo, photographer, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri [and before that since age 21 in the state of Georgia], former TV producer, publisher for several years and walkabout woman. See my blog in my former married name at and also my blog in my real name at for more info; and the about me pages and profile pages of me on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live [albums of art and photos I created] and on my Picasa albums. I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009.

Copyright. Gloria Poole ; also known as Gloria; Gloria Poole, RN, artist, gloriapoole; gloria-poole; artist-gloriapoole; G-L-O-R-I-A; gloria.poole; gloria0817; gpoole817; gloriapooleRN at yahoo in which the RN is standard abbreviation for Registered Nurse; gloriapoole.RN; @gloriapoole; cartooning-by-gloriapoole; photo-by-gloriapoole; and other variations of my real , born with, legal name of Gloria Poole, at my own, private apt in Missouri on 28 August, 2014 at 9:39am.