Sunday, April 12, 2015

Alien spaceships photographed by Gloria Poole of Missouri ;re-posted for Forbes magazine

I, Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia, photographed what I think is an alien spaceship of some sort, several times beginning in year 2007. Each time it was not visible as I looked though camera lens but only when I uploaded it was it visible. In other words, it was visible to the camera but not to my human eyes. I photographed similar with about 3 different cameras. I should have all of them in my archives somewhere because I posted them as I photographed them. Two of these are from October 2012 and I photographed those two in the field where the solar panel is located. The photos showing a swimming pool are photos I photographed from my balcony of my apt in Missouri. You can see it is different times of the day. I am re-posting these because in the past week, Forbes magazine ran an article asking the question if alien life exists or something to that effect and tweeted it. I read it and replied to tell them I thought i had actually photographed a spaceship [or satellite] unintentionally on several occasions [also in Colorado when I lived there but with a different camera in yr 2008 or 2009]. I am also wanting to know what that thing is? My photos have been hacked into several times, and an entire 2 GB of photos I photographed and put on a "free" site named mozy [dot] com [in Colorado] were stolen FROM me in 2009. So, I am not sure if the original photos I posted of what appears to be an alien spaceship still exists on web so I am re-posting from my archives some of them. I photographed some of these with my big digital camera and some with a cell phone of mine at different times. So, Forbes this is particularly for you. I would like to know your feedback if you think these are really alien spaceships or a satellite or what? You can tweet me @gloriapoole or @gloria_poole.


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