Monday, June 8, 2015

2 sketches wooden shoes & little green apples made last nite by Gloria Poole, RN, artist of /in Missouri 8 June 2015

This is a sketch I made last night about 3 am when a storm waked me up and I couldn't sleep. I have experimented some in past few weeks with patterned backgrounds just for variety. This is 8 x 11 on paper and it is on my portable drawing board where I often photograph sketches I make. I made it, signed it, photographed it, uploaded over so-called "high speed internet" that took 20 MINUTES to upload 3 photos to this blog because criminals at remote try to break into my account and the system tries to prevent that and I guess it means something necessary to uploader is used to stop cyber-attack? Anyway, here are these very simple sketches. Also, yesterday I made batch 2 of sketches of singer Edie Brickell and comedian Steve Martin who plays banjo in some songs with her, and I posted them to my

This is a sketch on 8 x 11 paper of little green and red apples in sort of random, abstract way. It's not elaborate. At 3 am I am not at my peak performance. It was simply something to distract my thoughts from the storm.

I am adding in symbols, logos and selfie of me again because in past 3 days criminals have tried to hijack 2 phone numbers of mine by breaking into carrier's servers, 2 blogs of mine; and my name; and this morning they tried to interfere with an automated payment I was making over phone and they broke into the system and was punching numbers from remote location, trying to hijack my card number. I had to unplug telephone from wall jack THRRE TIMES to stop the criminals from accessing my telephone calls from a supposedly wired telephone. The telephone systems in the U S are totally being destroyed by something--criminals working for old Hillary is my guess. I don't really expect that notice to make much difference. The Obama administration is like all African so-called "leadership" and that is corrupt as hell, and stealing whatever they can. They are a lawless bunch as the U S has witnessed on TV for months now. Also, for the record, I began this account in the state of Missouri and it was never accessed by me from Colorado. About a minute ago, I saw a url appear with the letters "Den" in it and it was a trick to try to get me to type in password for criminal exhusband in Colorado, who is not now and NEVER WAS AUTHORIZED to log into any account of mine. He has no lawful authority over me in any way and he is my worst enemy who tried four times to kill me. He seems to be stalking me on the web. DBP murders people for Obama so the feds protect him from prosecution.

This is my copyright notice for all content on this blog as a whole and individually.

This is one of my christian crosses and my hand on it to remind all that I am Southern Baptist, born again Christian and adhere to the Holy Bible and words of JESUS. To learn amore about who JESUS is and how to be born again, please read

I am a University of Georgia Terry College of Business alumna.

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I am also a Georgia Baptist College of Nursing alumna and a Registered professional nurse licensed in Missouri.

This is one of my photos of the U S flag that I photographed on walkabout, to remind all that I am U S citizen in the continental U S [Missouri] with all guarantees of the U S Constitution including the first amendment.

This is my selfie in spring 2014 but I look the same except thinner and my hair is longer. I still put my hair in lop-sided pony-tail when I walkabout or paint to prevent hair from getting into my eyes, or into my paints or inks.

Yu can follow me on twitter at @gloriapoole and or @gloria_poole. Also, you can see more of the art I created on these blogs of mine and remember each is different because I create them one by one:; updated by me on 7 June 2015 with batch 2 of sketches of Edie Brickell & Steve Martin that I made; updated by me 2nd June 2015; updated by me; updated by me 4th june with #ethnicseries sketch of musician;; updated by me on 1st June;updated by me 1st June; 2015; updated by me on 1st June; updated by me on 2nd of June; 2015; updated by me with sketch of blueberries that I made

https://mini-exhibition.blogspot.coml updated by me on 3rd of June to add cartoon and sketches;

and other blogs and sites I create also for the #prolife #personhood, #gospel, and #publichealth causes.

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