Sunday, December 16, 2012

Talking, Walking and Painting! As always.

Above, you should see a computer graphics image I created with an app on my tablet. I am adding it here to identify this blog, email & device as one of mine, that I regularly use to doodle with, write email on/ with/ reply too and read the news on. 

There has been total aggravation for past week because someone broke into my tablets from remote to try to hijack my isp account I hve for them specifically. I have tweeted about that in some detail. 

No doubt they think they have ruined me, but they haven't. That isp acct is not mission-critical. In fact, I don't really NEED it; but it's mine & I am keeping it for several reasons. 
Normally, I paint in oils, acrylics, inks, watercolors, goauche, tempera on canvas, paper, masonite board, bristol board; but occasionally I doodle on tablets. gadgets, mobiles. I had an entire repository site of computer generated by me in an album I named  'clip art' that I created as originals a few years ago, that I created with the program "Paint".  I think I have it on back up external storage in a few places; but I wanted to add this one today because I created it on my tablet;  because it's different, and because I am trying to identify this account as one of mine. Thanks. 

Also, I have some of my paintings on the web on blogs of mine. You could see some of them at:

Gloria Poole, artist & RN in Missouri; 16-Dec-2012; 3:54pm

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