Saturday, January 19, 2013

Identifying this blog as 1 of mine: Gloria Poole

 This is my sketch of "bullfight" that I also posted to another blog of mine. This is acrylics on paper, a sketch only. I define a sketch as something that takes me 1/2 hr - 2 hrs to do and is usually on temporary surface such as sketch paper, bristol board, ink jet paper, etc. The rider on the front horse is supposed to be sort of twisting around in his saddle to prod bull as his horse is headed away from raging bull.  I grew up on a farm that had bulls, horses, pastures, peanuts, lots of land. I was much influenced by all of those. and occasionally tweet my experiences on a farm.
 I once tweeted about being plunked down on a horse that had no saddle, by my father, when I was at a very young age, and the horse BOLTED, and I held onto his mane like my life depended on it [because it did--horse was flying and I was hanging on barely! ] It was an experience I never forgot. I have a healthy respect for horses--they have incredible power and speed.  is my profile for this blog. If you look at it, you will see why there was an attempt by someone to hijack it.  

Thanks to any and all my viewers/readers. I am grateful. I am adding a link to a blog I created today to coordinate sort of color-wise with this one; and of necessity since I have to do something to reclaim art work I created and posted to blogs since about 2007. But the sketch you will see on that new blog is one I just recently created of an imaginary person. The pose of it is similar to a photo I saw in a magazine. It is not a real person! Usually the "people" I paint are imaginary, meaning they are composites of people I met, or saw somewhere, or saw photo of, or made up in my head as I had a paint brush or pen in my hand. They are not real identifiable persons as a general rule. You may see more of my sketches at this blog of mine : Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 19-Jan-2013; 12:14pm

I Gloria Poole owner of this acct and the tablet and the plan that began this account, was SHOCKED to see that there are 3550 photos uploaded from where??? to my Picasa account on this acct and ONLY 35 of them are mine; I wrote down the names attached to the photos and I intend to report them as having broken into my my tablet and the 2nd isp plan I had on that tablet [ which I had to cancel to stop cybercriminals from accessing my entire life!]. I intend to try to correct that or figure out hw to unlink it from my acct . It did not delete by clicking on them and 'delete' was greyed out--couldn't delete the rogue photos. I only looked at the first page of photos and wrote down the names of those that showed on the photos --I did not look at the 3500 never-seen-before-in-my-life photos! .

I logged back in after trying to complete a copyright infringement to notify but that was not possible because all the rogue, never-seen-before-stuff that flooded into my Picasa 'my album" that seems to be permanently attached to my blog caused isp to block that page. So I am posting the names of the people who broke into my Picasa acct and into my tablet, and into my Verizon acct here for law enforcement to track them and prosecute them for cybercrime: {To clarify these in this bracket are violating my copyright of my name and art I create:The names on the photos I had never seen before were: tvahtera,siamaro.k;Tetsuya Utaka; Andre Behrmann;Christopher Reder, Novita Listyani; Jason Ruth; Mark Micallef; ENA TETOUAN [all caps]; Eduardosco Chavez; Denny Wong; Rene Kisselbach; Jamie McGuinness; Andreas; Rene Kersten; David Burman; Josh Whalen; Daniel Martini; Gail Beerman; Andre Bellingrodt; eddie hennessy; Igor Ger; Tinejdad2o/..Perez Marin; Kate Therova; Herbert Strobl; Julie Peterson; Aziz Nasuti;Katarzyna Foight ; who were all on the first page of the rogue photographs. } I did not look at the other nine pages [3530 photos in all on 10 pages] that were showing as pages in "my album" on MY blog [this one] because I was afraid that the first page was hiding really awful stuff]. But there are 3,530 photos I have NEVER SEEN before that added themselves to "my album" on MY blog and MY Picasa /google acct. I suspect some of them are the people who broke into my tablet, and into my Verizon acct that I have since cancelled to try to get control of my tablets; my telephones; my blogs; my name and the art I create and to prevent cyber-criminals from adding their stuff to my blog or name. I am posting this here until such time I can file a copyright infringement violation for my name of Gloria Poole and my art I created by hand and photographed [3 images so far on the blog & linked blog] ; and as a public notice that I do not know the people who broke into my tablet whose names I listed in {} in above sentences and who broke into my mifi. I cancelled my Verizon account a few weeks ago because it had NO SECURITY. I complained about it repeatedly & even tweeted about it. Gloria Poole aka gloriapoole; gpoole817;gloria0817;gloria_poole;gloria.poole;