Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ethnic sketches: Argentinian by Gloria Poole

I am adding four of the ethnic sketches I completed this morning to this blog of mine. The first one is named Argentinian President [my attempt at real person]. I have hand written notes on these as to color of eyes, hair, skin, clothing but I modify them often [called "artistic license"]. These sketches are watercolor and the Tamil tiger also has acrylic on it:

The second sketch is supposed to resemble the Iranian [also known in Bible as Persians] President.

The third sketch is named German Man from the BBC . All of these sketches were drawn by me as I looked at photos in the news of real people. I designate when I am attempting to draw and or paint a real living person. Usually I paint people I make up in my head as I am drawing.

The fourth is my version of a Tamil "Tiger" woman from Sri Lanka that was in a group in the news. I try to refer to authentic costumes or apparel when creating sketches or paintings for the ethnic series I am creating.

Also, I added more ethnic sketches I created to each of these blogs of mine:

and occasionally on the prolife blogs I write also.

And I display many of the ethnic sketches and paintings I create on the web in albums.

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