Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pencil , brush and pen drawings by Gloria Poole of Missouri

This is a sketch of a pelican that I, Gloria Poole, of Missouri drew today 13 July 2014 and painted with watercolor in the natural markings on bird. That is my left hand holding bottom left edge of drawing.

This is a pencil drawing I, Gloria Poole, drew in about 1995 in Atlanta, GA. The white-out spot in the handbag is the camera flash.

.This is a cartoon of water-skiing that i drew in about 1995 in Atlanta, GA.

This is aa "Caspia tern [bird]" sketch I drew and painted a few days ago.
This is an equestrian sketch I drew years ago in pencil. An equestrian is a horse rider in professional status.
This is a pen and ink sketch that I drew as the preliminary sketch for the oil painting I painted later and named "The Sultan" that is one of the ethnic series of oil paintings I have painted since yr 2006. You can see some of those on my blog at I enlarged this photo because criminals at remote location tried to shrink it by breaking into this blog today. The reason criminals at remote who are not authorized to login to anything of mine tried to shrink this is because I showed this drawing to the Judge in federal courthouse as I sat waiting on events that I was summoned too as a creditor, to happen, and was sketching in the gallery. Criminals who tried to murder me in Colorado try every way possible to silence me on the web and they try to prevent me using art I create because it makes a connection in people's minds with my name. So, I enlarged it for this blog but it is normally larger than this since it is on paper and I have the original. I have all of these originals in my possession including the oil painting "The Sultan'.

This is my drawing in pencil of Abraham Lincoln that I drew earlier this year. I think I also put this on my blog at

This is a drawing of Venice, Italy with inks that I drew in about yr 2008 [or 09]. Copyright notice: this blog and all content on it belongs exclusively to me Gloria Poole of Missouri and I am also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, an artist in all mediums, a poet, an author, a prolife activist, a republican, a white, single again, Southern Baptist Christian woman, and a mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh; and the grand-mother of seven minor children. This blog may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor be printed at remote, nor copied, nor downloaded, nor re-published, nor photo-copied, nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me. Also, for the record: I do not have family or friends or business partners or employees, or bosses, or literary agents or artist's rep in Colorado [or any where else for that matter.].

For the @FBI and legal record and documentation of facts: the telephone number 573 673 0813 is NOT my number and I do not know when it became NOT my number but I dropped the prepaid plan I had for it last yr since they throttled the data plan to a drip trying to censor my prolife words on blogs. However since I paid full price for the phone that 0813 was on, it belongs to me. Neither is the number 573-990-1433 my number nor do I have a 717 number of any sort. I also do not have a 678 area code number but that number shows up with some regularity on txt msgs and no one seems to know whom it belongs too. Cybercriminals who help criminals in Colorado often break into my accounts and that is sad but true. ...%3Fh1%3Den is the url string that attempts to break into my computer in Missouri. I made changes to this account in an attempt to prevent criminals from breaking into my account. Gloria Poole / Gloria / gloriapoole / gpoole817 / gloria0817 / gloria-poole / gloria.poole / artist-gloriapoole / Gloria Poole, RN, artist / gloriapoole.RN / @gloriapoole / G-L-O-R-I-A / gloria_poole / and other variations of my real born with, legal name of Gloria Poole, at my own, private apt in Missouri that is not shared with anyone , on 13 July 2014 at 1:14pm.