Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Criminals at remote tried to delete this blog and attacked my tablet

I, Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse and artist, born in the state of Georgia and residing in Missouri, am documenting for law enforcement what I have already tweeted about. Two evenings ago, criminals at remote [yes, criminals because they broke into an android tablet I paid for IN FULL the same day I bought it at Best Buy in Nov 2011, that was secured with a complex password and into my isp account which is also secured with a complex password and supposedly encrypted by landline telephone company, to get my information which are federal crimes] and criminals wiped my tablet of all apps, all data, all photos, all emails and five chapters of a book I had begun writing that was stored on the tablet. Thankfully it was also stored on memory cards which were not in the tablet at the time. I document whenever any account of mine or device of mine was broken into to alert the public and also to alert the @FBI and @Google, and all GOOD people. That tablet is NOT on the web since Jan 2013 since Verizon tried to scam me by padding my contract with them by attempting to force me to pay an additional 30 dollars which I refused to pay since my contract for 2 yrs that began in 2011 was only for 50/month not 80/month and they unilaterally broke contract and scammed me. Verizon broke the contract, and then they broke into my isp acct that preceded the Verizon account by 2 yrs, with malware and tried every trick in the book to swindle me and to try to force me off the web because they are the lapdogs of that evil Obama. I am law abiding. I am 99.9% sure what the criminals were trying to do was to censor me because they wiped my tablet as soon as I logged in with my password [and that took 4 tries because the criminals were trying to lock it down so I couldn't use it] and that occurred not quite 2 hours after I had written words that WORK to expose the corruption of the Obama administration on my official words that WORK blog of

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