Saturday, February 9, 2013

This acct belongs to Gloria Poole, RN & artist in Missouri

Here is my photo of one of my sketches that I created; and then photographed with one of my cell phones [I do NOT have any Verizon phones & never did;] and am uploading it here today trying to get control of MY name, my art I create, my Picasa album associated with my Google acct [this one but I have other Google accounts]: and my equipment that belongs to me.

This sketch is watercolors and I named it "mother & daughter". It is also on another blog of mine on the wall behind me. I cannot explain the haziness of the photo unless it is the mismatch between operating systems of camera & computer. It is not hazy in photo or as I uploaded it.

Also, I have updated several of my blogs in the past week. You may see more of my art I created on these blogs of mine:

Also, you should know I tried to correct the problem with the Picasa acct [that began as part of this acct of mine but that was broken into by a variety of people I had never heard of; who added approximately 3400 photos of their content to MY Picasa album by breaking into my then-mifi. My mifi is turned off since Nov 2012, and I finally cancelled the acct in Jan 2013. Verizon is not my isp account that mattered. Thank GOD! I changed the token authorization of my Picasa acct for this acct that was linked to my tablet, by whoever broke into My Verizon acct from remote. I am divorced; live alone--no one else authorized to use any of my equipment or isp accounts but me.] Also, I tried to log in from Picasa, to correct it [i.e. remove stuff I didn't put there.I received a message:" 503 Error--Service Error --that's all we know" from Google " when I tried but then it told me to download Picasa and I thought NO WAY at this point in time. Until Picasa is secured, Verizon drops off all accounts [they were only supposed to be on my physical mifi device,not anything else]; and Java/flash/Adobe/Cisco all are updated.

I did put there about 34 photos of my art I created with either graphics apps on my tablet; or with canvas/ paint/sketch books/ inks/watercolors/ acrylics/goauche/tempera/, and then photographed to upload. Also,my oldest daughter Jennifer Borelli sent me probably about 20 photos of them. And some --not sure how many, probably less than a hundred of graphics I created on my tablet with apps were uploaded by me to what I thought was my memory card on my physical android tablets x2]. But that still meant there were about 3400 photos from total strangers showing on my Picasa album & I freaked!

There is one more thing I want to add to this blog for today but it will take a few minutes.

I logged back in to add the PHOTO only below [not a painting I painted or a sketch; but a PHOTO I photographed] of my front room of my apt in Missouri. The large painting of a girl that shows above sofa is one I bought about about 10 yrs ago, because it resembled my youngest daughter Leigh when she was in college. I do not know the name of the artist of that painting over my sofa. It is not copyrighted but if it were I would own the copyright to it since I bought it from a merchant years ago. It is not on display on my wall today because I changed my front room display walls a few days ago. But you can see my painting I painted and named " thoroughbred" on my wall;and also an oil painting I painted and named "baby" on my short easel; and also an oil painting I painted and named "Sleeping in a Stetson" sitting on the floor. There is a photo of me and my only 2 daughters [no sons] when they were young on the left wall in frame.

Also, I logged back in @ 10:41am; same day to add some info for law enforcement and I.T. depts. [Hopefully, to help the good guys catch the bad guys]. When I logged out of this acct @ 8:59am , I logged into another acct of mine. In that account I discovered these cookies put in my email by ???. The cookies that I think are suspicious are: [which tries to limit my time in MY email acct to 5 minutes]; and which is probably what blurred that photo I took as I added it; and which tries to prevent me from reading or replying to any email in my email acct I pay very good money for every month [not referring to Verizon]; and also [which I think is from Pennsylvania that tries to mess up my computer]. I am trying to be helpful by alerting world to suspicious cookies. Also, I looked at my Picasa standalone site for this acct and it gives an error message also. So maybe the content from where??? that was on it last week has been removed by Google.

I LOVE Google and always have so here is my bouquet I shared with good people and with Google as a "thanks Google, and all good people" who matter, for all your help.

My profile for this blog is located at:

Gloria Poole @ my apt in Missouri; 9-Feb-2013; @ 8:59 am;

Logged back in to dress up this blog a bit. I added some links to sites that contain other art I created and or other blog posts I created. Generally, I do not link to other sites [that are not my own created sites] because of copyright issues on my own works I create ;{not to confuse people} as to who owns sites and content. Also, I have written my name on the web for years in these variations of my name : G-L-O-R-I-A; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloria_poole; gloria.poole; gloriapoole; gloria0817; gloriapoole.RN; and for LLPs I created years ago and created the content of [words-that-work; lifemedia-publishing; publishing-life; tapestry-of-life-llp; and formal names of those as well]. FYI. Updated on 13-Feb-2013 @ 5:58pm by me Gloria Poole: to correct link to my profile. I don't want you all to miss the +Hugh Jackman photo(s) on my profile. You can't imagine what a thrill it is to get photos of Hugh Jackman in a tuxedo in my inbox when I sign in! I'm grateful. He's my fav actor--loved his role in the movie Australia. _______________________

Footnote: I am still [ 3 months later] trying to reclaim my account from the 'ecrme" [e-crime??? ,really?] staff jerks at Verizon in Pennsylvania and southwest U S who tried to hijack every computer and device I own. But I cancelled that evil Verizon account which was a secondary isp for me that was of no real significance until they tried to hijack my computers, telephones & main isp acct. I cancelled that Verizon account because they expected me to pay for services that they were providing to those who broke into my Verizon account and my tablets. I have cancelled that Verizon acct, and will sue them if they continue to break into my computers, and telephones.