Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oil painting & a watercolor sketch

This oil painting is one I painted with no one in mind, but then my granddaughter Lydia thought it looks like her. Well. I haven't seen her since Christmas 2011 so I am amazed if she has grown that much.Hope you like it. I was using a piece of board I had which accounts for the partial length of it. I have decided it is the bad camera I used to photograph these. The photos look ok on the camera but then don't upload in proper size. It is becoming my least favorite camera for that reason. No doubt the criminal hacker who lives in another state who broke into my Verizon acct last Nov on election day [that was for my tablet--the Verizon acct that I cancelled 2 months ago] and who broke into my cell phone has something to do with the corrupted software on that cell phone. I guess eventually my carrier will figure out that the software is corrupt on it. Never buy any thing from Verizon or HTC--they are crappy products! I am so glad I didn't let Verizon talk me into changing my home telephone service!

This sketch in watercolors is an expression of joy, similar to what I saw in a missions magazine. I didn't know what the occasion was, but I liked the costume and the happiness it showed:

Signing into this account of mine is an ordeal every time! [Because it was hacked last year, and they are trying to protect it, I suppose].

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Gloria Poole; aka gpoole817; aka gloria0817; aka gloriapoole; and other variations of my real born with name. At my apt in Missouri; 13-March-2013;12:49pm