Friday, April 5, 2013

Enjoy photos of flowers,a sketch & a painting

This is one of the flower photos I took. It's a magenta colored orchid. I have photographed flowers, skies, sunsets, mountains, trees, MUCH--probably 10,000 times since year 2007; with a variety of cameras. I have six actual cameras, and some on cell phones/mobiles/ tablets/ipod touch.

This below is also an orchid of a different color.

Just for fun, I added a watercolor sketch I drew/painted from a tropical fish I saw in an aquarium.

This photo below is of a goldfish that I painted in oils. It is about 3 ft across and 2 1/2 ft tall.

Copyright all photos & art that I add to this blog or to any blog I own or create,blog on; add art or photos too. ;These are original photos I photographed and original works of art I created, then photographed. OK, I admit sometimes when I photograph I am tired and don't take the time to do the setting right, but you the viewer usually can see it [unless computer hacked from remote]. Gloria Poole; gloriapoole; gpoole817;gloria0817; gloriapoole.RN; at my apt in Missouri; 8:47pm.5-April-2013. FYI. I am originally from the state of Georgia and was born there. I have painted art since about 1993, beginning in Atlanta GA. But I studied drawing for a year well before I began painting & draw extensive sketches in pencils at times.