Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prolife Reminder that tiny humans need you! Sketch

The tiny blue feet prints is a photo only, to remind the world that I am a PROLIFER from the get-go; and to ask you to remember the prolife cause needs good men and women to get involved in it. This is a photo I took of actual feet prints created with paint on tiny feet.

The wooden figurine you see below was carved on another continent and was given to me by my youngest [but grown daughter] for a mother's day gift a few yrs ago, and as a reward for all the times I have written on the prolife cause. I made a pedestal for it by turning my fruit bowl upside down. It is also a very good reminder that the most primal relationships between a man and a woman are the first commandment of GOD in Genesis 1:28, King James Holy Bible, because it is also a good reminder that the main purpose of sexual relationships is to reproduce the human race. [ That's not to say for pleasure is wrong--just that it was not GOD's main intent per scripture.] I took that that photo in my front room of my apt in Missouri. Also, fyi, I think that figurine was produced in Africa. My youngest daughter Leigh was in Peace Corps in West Africa for two years. She is in the U S now and she married a Peace Corps volunteer [then] named Matt and they have two very young children whom I adore.* I do not know the type of wood it is or what country made it. I do not claim that wooden figurine of mother & child as my art. I only photographed it for a prolife image. I created the arrangement and photographed it only. I did not sculpt the wood figure.

This sketch below is one of my efforts to draw a very elaborate costume that I saw of a Chinese lady who served as a tour guide in a magazine. It is a sketch only --original art created by me, in acrylics.

I think I will name it "Chinese tour guide" and it is a sketch in my sketch book. Or one of my sketch books. I have many sketch books filled with sketches; and also some on single paper, or other surfaces.

I have to remind people intermittently that writing on the prolife cause is my mission in life. I love creating art and it's relaxing pastime for me; and usually I like to display it to share. But I Gloria Poole, a white, single, Christian, woman, R.N., prolifer; writer, blogger, own all rights to the art I create in any form, style, with any tool on any surface in any place, whether or not I display it publicly. Also, fyi, I photograph extensively with a dozen or more cameras. I have for years as I walkabout, or do anything. I have some background in that, since I photographed/filmed with TV camera some for a TV station; and photographed events for a newspaper years ago. I had entire repository sites of thousands of photos that I photographed online for years. I have the photos in backup methods, but photographing is also something I do regularly. I probably have photographed 100,000 times with a variety of cameras. So I include photographs at times. Lately my photos have been quick to make a point, and when I was tired.

Also, fyi, I signed my name as gloriapoole in digital ink written altogether in lower case using a digital ink /graphics program; and I added it to one of my accounts as an icon. Just to be different--no confusion intended. I have written my name online as gloriapoole altogether in lower case letters since about 1994. But I sign my art in tangible form differently--the more formal signature method of either Gloria on bottom corner or as Gloria Poole on some sketches. On actual paintings I also usually put where I painted it and the title I named it; usually on the back of it. Also, I am not difficult to get in touch with. I am trying to create a body of work to start an art gallery. And trying to get the plan to the point of thinking it might work. I cannot afford to take a loss on it. So, in other words, if you want to contact me, and your intentions are good, [not trying to kill me, or ruin me] you can email me, write to my address in Missouri; or telephone me. I have telephones besides the ones listed on public blogs,or on dashboards or profiles online; and a ton of hardware/computers/cameras/phones/mobiles etc.

Also, my apt in Missouri is my only residence, since that has been in question by some people [from Museums] who saw my art. I have painted or sketched in most places I lived, so some of my paintings, sketches have other locations on the back of them. The detail that is necessary sometimes to document what is my own created "works of art" is more than I think to add at times. I do own some land in the state of Georgia however.

*footnote: I also have a daughter named Jennifer who is married to Aaron and they have five children under the age of 14.

Gloria Poole ; at my apt in Missouri; 10:50am, 27-April-2013; I Gloria Poole signed back in to update because of not wanting to confuse about the wooden sculpture.