Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Backstage" sketch by Gloria Poole

This sketch below I sketched in acrylics and named it "backstage". It is also on another blog of mine. I am adding it here for the reason that it took rebooting my computer,then three tries logging in to get past the attempt by criminals to prevent me from logging into one of my accts [via their use of bombarding my computer with attempt to deny service attack]. The perverts really hate me and believe me, the feeling is mutual. I hate them also. Oh, yea, I know the perverts call me "bigot". I call them abomination from The Bible in Leviticus 18:22, KJV; and also "perverts" for attempting to pervert nature.

Back on task I was signing in for: this sketch was done on a day or two after I had talked to my 12 yr old granddaughter about her ballet classes; and I was thinking of all the preparations that go into a ballet performance. Both of my daughters were in ballet and now my three fairly young [ 12, 10 & 5] granddaughters are in ballet. I really love the fluid movements of ballet and the beautiful costumes. As the prima ballerina gets ready backstage she applies her makeup [in sketch applying lipstick] before putting on her costume, to try prevent drops make-up on it. So that is the background of this sketch.

I also updated another blog of mine today at:, fyi.

Gloria Poole; aka gloriapoole , gpoole817, gloria0817, gloriapooleRN (at) yahoo; and other variations of my real born with name of Gloria Poole. I am white, Christian, single,heterosexual, woman who was born in the state of Georgia in the US and who has two and only 2 grown "children who are both daughters, named Jennifer & Leigh. I currently live in Missouri. I am also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri and an artist in oils, acrylics, powdered pastels, pen/inks, goauche, tempera, watercolors. You may see more of the art I create on other blogs of mine. I am also an alum of the University of Georgia which was a 2nd degree for me.

Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 3:20pm; 18 May 2013