Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lawn chairs & gardens--sketch & a photo

This sketch is a sketch I drew and painted last yr. that is another blog of mine in the archives. I add a few sketches to more than one blog as a way of sort of associating my originals in the minds of viewers [meaning that they will know I am the same woman who creates art for; and other blogs, and writes the content; and who is indeed Gloria Poole]. The sketch is of a theme I really like since I saw the garden chair and then decided to sketch it. There is a similar chair set in a wooded area in a gorgeous garden covering acres of land where I walkabout and photograph some. The South is infused with azaleas, but the Midwest? not so much. The pink flowers are azaleas.

Then yesterday on walkabout, I saw a different scene with a different sort of bench and background and photographed it. I have not painted from it yet, [but might later; so I am adding it here. The second photo with the broader bench is only a photo, not a painting or sketch. But you can see that such scenes are appealing visually for painting or photographing. I photograph a ton! In fact,on almost every walkabout and with an assortment of cameras, cell phones, digital cameras, cameras with film, etc. I began that years ago to paint from when I got home, and continue photographing regularly. I add photographs that I photograph to my blogs intermittently also, but I label them as such.

Copyright belongs to me Gloria Poole in Missouri [but born in the state of Georgia]; aka: gloriapoole; gloria0817; gpoole817; gloria.poole; gloria-poole; gloria_poole; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloriapoole1749; gloriapoole.RN;artist-gloriapoole; gloriapoole-paintings;g-l-o-r-i-a; and another way that I do not publicize because of events that happened in the past. I am the white, christian, single woman who paints, sketches, blogs, photographs, and who began and produced Tapestry of LIFE TV in Colorado [in yr 2003-2006] and who began words that WORK in GA in 1993; and who is a prolifer and Christian. FYI. It is necessary to write that because for the past 10 yrs there have been many people trying to impersonate me,and who stole content from me by breaking into my computer(s); and stealing U S mail from me. I had to morph my way of writing my name at times whencriminals broke into my hosting accounts to steal them and to steal $ and content and emails from them.

I am doing all that I can do to try to get control of my name, my blogs, my content, my telephones; my art I create and my photographs I have photographed since 2007 and added to online albums including Flickr, Picasa, mozy, and T-Mobile, and blogs including;;;;;;; and others; and more others that are specifically for writing on the prolife cause, or mission to publish the gospel in bits and bytes. The blogs included are not all the blogs I have created and add too intermittently. See my "about me" page on my blog at for more info; and also see my profile pages on Microsoft, Google, wordpress, Picasa.

Also, I have to add this so people are not deceived: I have 2 Picasa albums that I know of,* that I created years ago, and that have many photos of the art I created and some of me, and some of family photos possibly. However, once when I logged into this blog there were pages and pages of photos [about 3500 photos] attached to user id's I had never heard of, or seen before and which shocked me that somehow they were able to add content to my album [from my tablet] without my permission. I am very cautious about creating online albums for several reasons and that is one of them. I don't want to accidentally vouch for unknown photos or unknown persons who use my name unlawfully! It had about a handful of my photos but then pages and pages of people's photos who were totally unknown to me.

My art I create and the photos I photograph are always moral and could be viewed by anyone. I do not publish to the web immoral or illegal stuff and try faithfully not to allow it to get on my computer(s) in any form.

*footnote: I think the url addresses of them are:; and That url address was changed a couple of time by Google I think. But you might can find them by Googling my name in any of the various ways I have written it on web for years [since about 1993 beginning in state of Georgia]. Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 1:01pm; 9-June-2013;