Saturday, January 25, 2014

2 ethnic sketches & 1 more by Gloria Poole of Missouri

I, Gloria Poole, added 3 of the sketches I drew in the past 2 weeks to this blog of mine. The first one is for the ethnic series of paintings and sketches that I began in yr 2007 and continue to add too. It is a mother with her child from Bangui and is a rough sketch of news photo in Reuters. I thought at the time, it is a good prolife image because it is sort of as the religious icon of Mary in the Bible. It is not a great sketch, I admit. It is only a quick drawing as I saw the news photo one day recently on screen. But a sketch conveys something.

The second sketch one I drew of a watercolor palette, just for fun. I paint in watercolors,goauche [opague watercolors], inks, acrylics, and oils but my palette never looks that neat or organized.

The third sketch is a "Syrian refugee" similar to what I saw in the news. I was also drawing quickly from a Reuters' news photo and removed all the background of the photo. I was impressed by that Reuters' photo because I had never seen any Syrians except in the news and was surprised by their appearance. So, it is a basic sketch for the ethnic series of paintings and sketches I am still adding too, regularly.

To see one of the oil paintings in the ethnic series that I painted, please see another blog of mine at: Also, I put more sketches today on 2 other blogs of mine :

Gloria Poole, at my apt in Missouri; 25-January-2014 at 3:20pm. I am also known as Gloria in real life and on oil paintings I paint, and as Gloria Poole on some sketches. Gloria Poole is my real, born with, legal name and I am a U S citizen born in Georgia, and white, Christian, single, woman and the mother of two daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh. I am also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri and an artist . I am also known on web as :gpoole817; gloriapoole; gloria0817; gloria.poole; gloria-poole; gloria_poole; gloriapoole1749; gloriapoole.RN and other variations of my real name of Gloria Poole.