Thursday, February 20, 2014

That Zingy Red I put in paintings by Gloria Poole of Missouri

This is the 5th blog I have created in my "mini-exhibit" of the color red [paint] that I painted with to create art. More on that. The first one is an oil on canvas painting I painted and named "Irish student" last year as part of the ethnic series of oil paintings that I began in yr 2007 and continue to add too. .

The second one is a sketch of Prince Charles in his military uniform. It is one of about five sketches I drew then painted of him over a few years time and is acrylic on paper.

The third one is a sketch of a Chinese tour guide, that I saw in news. It acrylic is on paper.

The 4th one here is a cartoon I drew and painted of a circus act. I sketched it for my then-two-years-old grandson .

The 5th one here is a sketch of a red lamp. I have lamps but none of them are red; but I love the color red and liked the idea of soft yellow light from a warm color of red, so created a lamp on paper.

The sixth one you see here is a sketch of a rodeo rider, that I drew and painted from seeing rodeo news.

This is not all the red I created art with. You can see other examples of art I created on the other blogs of mine that I included in this "mini-exhibit" of the color RED. See my blogs with RED art on them [which does not include all blogs I put art on] , at:

And one that has more red on it as cartoons is my catooning blog:

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Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri which is my only residence; 20-Feb-2014 at 1:34pm